Mixed Martial Arts — 15 February 2012
Brian Dymacek Loses By TKO; Apologizes for Foul Language

At Power Fights 26, Brian Dymacek, a fighter with Power Martial Arts fought against independent fighter, Andrew Ellison.

At the beginning of Round 1, Dymacek immediately started dominating the fight by connecting many strikes and kicks. Even as he tried to outmaneuver Dymacek, Ellison continued to get hit with various strikes.

The fight started to turn when Dymacek missed a kick and Ellison immediately took him to the ground. Once both fighters were back on their feet, Ellison initiated an attack and connected with a flurry of strikes.

At one point, Dymacek seemed disappointed and told Ellison “C’mon b*tch”.

Picture By: Carlos Acevedo

Ellison maintained his focus and followed up with more strikes forcing Dymacek against the cage while connecting with more strikes. Once the referee saw a dazed Dymacek, he stopped the fight.

Andrew Ellison defeated Dymacek by TKO in 1:06 of Round 2.

Dymacek Interview


“I actually wasn’t prepared. I tore my AC about four weeks ago. I picked up the fight yesterday. I’m in it to win it, but you can’t win every fight. I’m going to keep it up. I’m going to jog, get my cardio up and get back in there. I ain’t scared,” said Dymacek.


Emotions Fueled Foul Language

“Basically, he hit me and I got a little bit angry. My emotions got built up. If I did, I apologize on behalf of myself and the gym that I represent. I come out heavy hands and that’s me but today, I didn’t have the cardio to push myself. I’ll be back and be more ready on my next fight, so look out for me. 135 lbs, here I come,” ended Dymacek.

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  1. He did not pick up the fight the day before, I was told almost 2 months in advance that I would be fighting him specifically, unless that line was quoted wrong and I am miss reading it

  2. No, the quote is not wrong and you are not misreading it. That is what he said.

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