Mixed Martial Arts — 15 January 2012
Chaos in the Cage Fight Results

Last night, mma fans, fighters, coaches, supporters and even an election candidate attended Adrianna’s Club in Markham to witness a night of non-stop mma action.

Some of the participating teams included Team No Comment, Team Top Notch, Combat Zone, Team Archangels, House of Pride and Coaltion MMA.

After opening the night with the national anthem, fans enjoyed six exciting undercard fights. Eight fighters (4 fights) then battled it out to claim their Chaos of the Cage title.

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The following are the fight results:

1. Chris Johnson (Team No Comment) vs. Josh Lewis (House of Pride)
Winner: Johnson wins by Knock Out in 1:30 of Round 3.

2. Tyree nettles (Combat Zone) vs. Justin Sestle (House of Pride)
Winner: Nettles wins by TKO in 1:35 of Round 1 due to strikes.

3. Travis Simpson (Coalition MMA) vs. Gerald Wright (Palace Gym)
Winner: Wright wins by TKO in 0:10 seconds of Round 1 due to strikes.

4. Anthony Milton (Combat Zone) vs. Anthony Corder ( Team Archangels)
Winner: Corder wins by TKO at the end of Round 1, due to Milton’s inability to continue to fight in Round 2.

5. Melvin Sidney (Team Warrior) vs. Garrett Washington (Top Notch)
Winner: Washington wins by submission in 0:55 seconds of Round 1 due to rear naked choke.

6. Brandon Conner (House Pride) vs. Ezye Keio (Team Warrior)
Winner: Keio wins by submission in 0:50 seconds of Round 1 due to a triangle choke.

Title Fights

7. Avi Colon vs. Pedro Muñiz (Team Top Notch)
Winner: Muñiz wins by TKO in 1:19 of Round 1 due to strikes.
Muñiz becomes the Chaos of the Cage Middleweight Champion.

8. Quadre Little (Combat Zone) vs. Andrew West (Team Archangel)
Winner: West wins by TKO in 2:37 of Round 2 due to strikes.
West becomes the Chaos of the Cage Light Heavyweight Champion.

9. Otis Brumfield (Combat Zone) vs. Michael Bell
Winner: Brumfield wins by TKO in 0:09 seconds of Round 1 due to strikes.
Brumfield becomes the Chaos of the Cage Welterweight Champion.

10. James Yarbrough (Team No Comment) vs. Anthony Moore (Team Top Notch)
Winner: Moore wins by submission in 1:49 of Round 1 due to a rear naked choke.
Moore becomes the Chaos of the Cage Lightweight Champion.

11. TJ Nestor vs. Jonathan King
TJ Nestor did not show up for the scheduled fight and King was announced the winner.
Jonathan King becomes Chaos of the Cage Bantamweight Champion.

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