Mixed Martial Arts — 13 July 2013
Danny Morales Seeks Victory On His Way To Greatness

“I can own the cage…”- Morales

Danny “The Machine” Morales, a fighter from Carlson Gracie and Team Colon will be competing in his fourth professional mixed martial arts fight when he steps into the cage to face off against Maurice Jackson at the Cicero Stadium.

This fight will take place on Saturday July 20 at Reloaded, an all-ages, amateur and pro mma event organized by Power Fights and FightCard Entertainment (FCE).

The last time that Morales fought for FCE was against Matt Tierney at Cross The Line on February 2011. Morales became the FCE Welterweight Champion after defeating Tierney by knockout in 1:30 of the first round.Danny Morales

“It was a great and exciting night. There was a lot of people at Joes Sports Bar that night. Definitely a great night by far,” said Morales.

Since his fight against Tierney in 2011, Morales still remains undefeated after fighting in over five fights with promotions such as Cut Throat and Hoosier Fight Club.

“I haven’t lost. I’ve been working hard and getting better, improving, evolving and I just haven’t stopped. As long as my body lets me, I’ve been going strong. I did have an injury which put me on the sidelines for a little bit but I got right back at it after I healed. I’m always non-stop training that’s why they call me the machine,” said Morales.

Fighter Development
Morales states that he is a well-rounded fighter who is comfortable in any position in the cage. “At welterweight I feel very comfortable because in the past, as a boxer, I fought at 165  lbs. Although I feel a lot faster at 165, I just feel great at 170 lbs. I feel unstoppable,” said Morales.

“I feel that I can own the cage in every aspect, on the floor, on top or bottom, whether I’m against the cage or  pushing someone against it- anywhere in the cage, I’m comfortable. I’m going to keep getting better and that’s all I really plan to do,” said Morales.

According to mixedmartialarts.com, Jackson has a professional record of 2-1 and his last fight was against Carlos Ortega in October 2012, in which he won by unanimous decision.

Danny Morales vs Maurice JacksonMorales, who credits Jackson’s ground game also said that he knows that he’s also developing his striking game.

“On July 20 I expect him to be as well rounded as I am. I expect nothing but the best from him. I hope he has been training well because my camp has been hell and I plan on delivering it back,” said Morales.

Fight Expectations
“I’m the one who is going to be controlling the pace and where the fight goes. I’m comfortable anywhere in the cage, so expect to see him fighting my fight,” said Morales.

Future Plans
With a professional record of 3-0, Morales said that he feels he is on the right track to achieving his career goals.

“This is going to be a great opportunity to showcase my skills against a tough grappler. I’m just going to keep moving forward. I don’t like looking past any fights. So after this fight we’ll just take it from there and see what happens then,” said Morales.

Achieving Goals
After each fight, Morales said that more opportunities present themselves and that is what motivates him to keep improving, working harder and to never stop.

“Sometimes, a fighter may get comfortable because of one event or remain satisfied with a victory, but not me because there’s a hunger inside of me that cannot be satisfied until I reach greatness. That is what I’m working towards because I truly believe inside of me that I am destined for greatness,” said Morales.

Attention Fighter Scouts
When asked what he wants fighter scouts to know about him, Morales said, “I invest everything into my training. Every dime I have, I invest it into becoming a better fighter and professional because this is the profession that I chose and this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. I want them to know that I’m going to be the aggressive, explosive style fighter that they can possibly see. Similar to Anderson Silva but without the showboating. Similar to GSP but without the laying on people. I’m here to put on exciting fights and deliver devastation.”

Unable to see his family at times due to his training regiments, Morales said that it saddens him but he knows that in the end, it will definitely be worth it.

Final Thoughts
Morales said that he extends his sincere gratitude to everybody that has helped him along the way.Danny Morales

“I want to thank all my teammates, Carlson Gracie, Team Colon, Benefiel Wrestling. Even teammates from my old camp, PAC MMA. Also my coach Mike who is in South Korea, hes definitely helped me out a lot. Most importantly I want to thank God because I couldn’t do anything without him and I keep my faith strong. My family that supports me 100% and my better half Jillian,” said Morales.

“I also want to thank all my sponsors Unidos Marketing, Suburban Lock, Crispy Waffle, Undisputed Strength, Extreme Speed and Lukaz who has helped me develop myself, especially my skills as a striker. The Carlson Gracie team who really helped me develop my ground game and become a very well-rounded fighter,” said Morales.

“Anybody who believes in something…just have faith and go after it,” ended Morales.

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