Mixed Martial Arts — 26 April 2013
John Weinert Predicts Victory Over Santana Adame

Prepared To Fight 5 Rounds

One of the five title fights at the Total Fight Challenge event tonight will feature John Weinert, a fighter from the Elite Performance Center who will be fighting against Santana Adame for the TFC 135 lb Interim Title.

Weinert last fought in September 2012 against Kameron Fitzgerald. Since then, he took some time due to an injury, has been a coach and said he now feels ready to fight again.

“Initially I was suppose to have a rematch against Kameron but I went to a grappling tournament and injured my ankle, so I had to back out from that fight. After that I was mostly coaching high school wrestling. I let my ankle heal up until about three months ago I started training again,” said Weinert.

Since his last fight, Weinert said he has been training hard and focusing a lot of his training on his stand-up.

“My wrestling and jujitsu is pretty solid, so stand-up has been the focus. I’ve been going to the gym as much as I can which is about four to five times a week. I’ve also been working on a better diet this time. As a wrestler I got better at cutting weight but I didn’t want to cut too much weight this time. I’m on weight now so everything worked out fine,” said Weinert.

Opponent: Adame
After studying his opponent, Weinert recognizes that Adame is also a wrestler, he’s shorter and looks stocky.

“I’ve watched one or two videos on him. He’s a little shorter than me so he’s going to be looking to come in with power punches and probably looking for that takedown. Since we both have wrestling backgrounds, we’re probably going to stay on our feet a lot more than if we fought against non-wrestlers. I’ve got a good look at him and I think I have a good game plan for this fight,” said Weinert.

Same Game Plan
Considering that many of his previous fights have mostly been wrestling, Weinert said that he is definitely ready to showcase his stand-up skills.

“The fans can expect to see a lot more stand up. In the last fight, I knew Kameron was a good jujitsu guy but I knew I was better so I wanted to make that a point and take it to the ground, and that’s what I did. I was dominant in the first round but I got caught with a move in the second round. I’m not going to take anything negative away from that fight. I don’t think I made too many mistakes. One of the mistakes I did make was lowering my level thinking he was going to come in with a tackle but he came with a flying knee. There’s only so much I could do there, I just got caught. My arm got trapped in a rear naked choke. Good fight but I’m not really changing much of my game plan. I’m just working a lot more on my feet so I don’t have to always rely on my wrestling,” said Weinert.

According to Weinert, his opponent looks like a tough guy, so the fans can definitely expect an “awesome” fight.

“He doesn’t seem like a guy who is just starting out, will take a few hits and give up. This fight is probably going to go five rounds. He seems like a stocky guy who is going to be hard to submit. I expect five rounds with a lot of “on our feet” action,” said Weinert.

Final Thoughts
“I know I’m going to win. I cant really tell you how its going to happen. I have a lot stuff in my arsenal. I’m not a big knock out guy but my hands have gotten to a point where I’m comfortable with them. I better use them for punching and setting up my takedowns. I cant tell you where its going to end but I can tell you that its going to end with me getting my hand raised,” ended Weinert.

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