Mixed Martial Arts — 23 April 2014
Miguel Luis Defends TFC Title; Now Going Pro

Pro Debut in July

Miguel Luis, a fighter from the Chicago Fight Team and the current Total Fight Challenge (TFC) champion recently defended his 155 lb. title against the unpredictable Otis Brumfield from Combat Zone.

After recovering from an eye injury that kept him away from the cage for about one year, Luis stepped back into the cage and successfully defend his title in his last amateur MMA fight.

In the past, Brumsfield has had some exciting fights against some very tough opponents and this fight was no different. Both fighters intensely battled it out well into the third round.

Initially they both connected with numerous strikes, kicks and forced each other onto the cage while attempting to score the takedown and take the advantage in the fight.

Although he admits feeling a little gassed out, after connecting a few strikes, Luis said that he immediately felt rejuvenated and more confident throughout the remainder of the fight.

Luis was able to gain control, pace the fight and eventually was successful in making Brumsfield tap out.

Luis remained the TFC 155 lb. champion after defeating Brumfield by submission in 1:46 of the third round.

Fight Against Brumsfield© Chicago Combat Sports
“For being about one year off, I feel that this fight was ok. I felt a little rust and gassed at times because this was the biggest cut I ever made. I cut 35 lbs for this fight,” said Luis.

Luis said he would’ve like to have better cardio because he noticed fatigue in his shoulder’s and forearms.

“I was trying to do whatever I could to end the fight. I was glad that it went into the third round because most of my fights are usually very short but tt was good to see where I’m at in the third round considering that my next fight is going to be my pro debut. I have to be prepared for three five minute rounds,” said Luis.

Eye Injury
Luis initially planned to make his pro debut in September 2013 but an injury to his eye socket delayed his plans.

“During a training session with my boxing coach I got caught with an overhand right that just shattered my eye socket. I was off recovering for six months and I couldn’t fight or train, so I did CrossFit and bulked up to 190 lbs,” said Luis.

To prepare for his title defense against Brumsfield, Luis said he started cutting down weight in late January.

“Overall I think the weight cut was easy considering it was a lot of weight. I went from 190 to 155 lbs,” said Luis.

Pro Debut- July
After a successful amateur MMA career Luis has decided to test his skills and move up to the Pro ranks. Although his opponent is yet to be confirmed, Luis’s first Pro fight will take place at the next TFC event on Friday, July 11.

“Joe asked me if I wanted to make my pro debut on his next show and I said yes. I think its going to be exciting especially because I have great fans that support me.  So I’m definitely looking forward to making my pro debut. Especially because its close to home and then we’ll see where it takes me after that,” said Luis.

Final Thoughts
“I want to thank Chicago Fight Team, my friends, family and fans. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be here right now. Also all my sponsors Fit RX, CrossFit Glen Ellyn, Chis, Fleet Feet Sports and Chiro Health. If it wasn’t for them all…it would’ve been really hard for me to get back into it. They all motivate me and support me,” said Luis.

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