Mixed Martial Arts Events — 29 September 2013
Results: NAFC Battle at the Ballroom

On Saturday, September 28th, the North American Fighting Championships invaded Milwaukee, Wisconsin yet again for their Battle In The Ballroom at the Rave/Eagles Club Ballroom.

Fight fans got more of what they have grown to expect out of the NAFC promotion: fast action, quick finishes, and a non-stop highlight reel of mixed martial arts from start to finish.

The following are the fight results and a quick rundown of the main card with a few highlights:

Amateur Bouts

Elias Garcia def. Jon Meins via 2nd Rd. TKO.
After dropping him with a knee early in the first round, Eli Garcia dominated the rest of the action.  After a weak takedown attempt by Meins in the second, Eli found himself in back control, finishing the fight with strikes.

R’Mandel Cameron defeats Damien Childress via Unanimous Decision (30-27×3).
R’Mandel showed why there is considerable hype around his young career, dominating the action from pillar to post, as Damien Childress really never found himself in a threatening position.

Stephanie Alba defeats Raquel Magdaleno via Split Decision (29-28×2, 28-29).
One of the more surprising decisions of the night found Stephanie Alba with her hand raised, the judges clearly favoring total damage done over top control, as Magdaleno found herself on top of the smaller Alba for most of the bout.

Christian Vazquez defeats Derek Flok via 2nd Rd. Tapout Due To Strikes.
Vazquez was simply the more violent of the two fighters in this matchup, giving up a fair amount of size to Flok, but making up for it with unmatched tenacity.  While securing most of his takedown attempts, Flok lost almost every scramble, and found himself tapping to a particularly nasty barrage early in round 2.

Kali Robbins defeats Angie Jennings via 1st Rd. Submission (Armbar)
A successful debut in MMA for Ms. Robbins, who immediately closed the distance, dragged Jennings to the mat, and isolated an arm for the submission win.  Before her fight, we had an opportunity to talk with Kali.  (Make sure to check it Kali Robbins Pre-Fight Interview)

Professional Bouts

Jordan Griffin defeats Gino Digiulio via Unanimous Decision (30-27 x 2, 29-28).
A tough fight all around as both fighters were more than willing to ‘take one to give one’ throughout the contest. A cut above his left eye in the second round seemed to take some wind from Gino Digiulio’s sails, and that was all Griffin needed to finish strong for the decision win.

Rob Couillard defeats Branden Bell via 1st Rd. Submission (Armbar).
The funniest moment of the evening happened after Couillard, having dominated the stand up portion of the engagement, locked in a triangle choke the moment the fight hit the mat.  Bell, seemingly trying to convey to the audience he was alright, extended his trapped arm with a ‘thumbs up’ sign.  Couillard jumped on the opportunity by transitioning to an armbar/triangle choke combo, getting the tapout instantly.

Israel Lozano defeats Darin Oler via 1st Rd. Submission (Rear Naked Choke).
Lozano quickly closed the distance, backed Oler up against the fence with his jab, and used the cage to secure the takedown.  After a fast transition to back mount, he secured the stoppage victory just over a minute into the fight.

Zak Ottow defeats Quinton McCottrell via 2nd Rd. Submission (Rear Naked Choke).
After spending the last two minutes of the first round on his back, Ottow started the next round by swarming McCottrell with punches, kicks, and knees.  As soon as he saw an opening, Ottow initiated a scramble and found himself in back control.  The tap came early in the second round.

Co-Main Event

Jose Pancheco defeats Ruddy Gray via Split Decision (29-28×2, 28-29).
The second surprising decision came in the co-main event, with the always-entertaining Pancheco staying just busy enough on his feet to win what was essentially a kickboxing match with MMA gloves.  The most interesting part of this fight (besides Pacheco’s propensity to use flying and jumping techniques without being terribly worried about landing on his feet) was how Gray, the taller and longer fighter, was able to shorten up his strikes and win the striking exchanges on the inside.

Main Event

Sergio Pettis defeats James Porter via 1st Rd. Submission (Kimura).
In a pre-fight interview, Sergio Pettis (Read Sergio’s Pre-Fight Interview Here) discussed his matchup with Porter, a submission fighter from Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Pettis told us that no matter what Porter did on the ground, it was something that he had already seen before.  Well, that turned out to be true as Porter took the fight to the ground on three separate occasions, and each time Pettis threatened with a submission before getting back to his feet.  After the third, and final, takedown was secured for Porter, Pettis was able to use a Kimura to sweep his opponent, finishing the fight with the hold once finding himself on top.  After the fight, Sergio (brother of Ultimate Fighting Championships lightweight champion Anthony Pettis) took the microphone and called out to UFC President Dana White, saying that he was indeed ‘ready’ for the challenge the UFC provides.  At 9-0, after yet another first round stoppage victory, it is hard to argue against him.

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