Mixed Martial Arts — 23 April 2014
Max Perez: Takes Loss As Learning Experience

Vows Strong Comeback

Max Perez, a fighter with Team No Comment fought against Josh Rose at the Total Fight Challenge on April 11.

In the first round, Perez was able to take Rose to the ground and control him for most of the round. As Rose attempted a few submissions off his back, Perez delivered some ground and pound.

Although both fighters would engage in a quick exchange at the beginning of each round, the fight would eventually go to the ground.

It seemed that Perez was the dominant fighter but in 2:24 of round 3, Rose was able to lock in an armbar submission.  Even though Perez thought he was close to victory, he had to tap out or risk breaking his arm.

When Rose applied the armbar, Perez said that he was trying to pull his arm out but was unable to because he was too close to the cage.

“I thought I did well through most of the rounds but I think I let it get to me towards the end. I thought I had the fight but then I got caught,” said Perez.

Perez said he is taking this loss as a learning experience and feels this has helped open his eyes and know how it is to lose.

“Now I know what I need to work on, I know I cant stop and that I always have to keep going until the fight is over. I do think that I was well rounded in my stand up and he wasn’t really hurting me on the ground anyway,” said Perez.

If he could’ve done it differently, Perez said he would’ve kept the fight standing a bit more because he felt that Rose wasn’t doing much on the ground.

“I felt comfortable throughout the fight and overall I think my performance was pretty good. Considering that I’m barely a white belt in jiu jitsu and I think my opponent is a brown belt…I think I did good,” said Perez.

Perez will take one or two months off to recuperate and then plans to return to the cage.

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