Results: Total Fight Challene 4/11

14 Action Packed Fights

On April 11, Total Fight Challenge kicked-off the month with 14 action packed MMA and Muay Thai fights.

The main event featured the return of the 155 lb. TFC Champion Miguel Luis.

After recovering from an injury his eye socket, he stepped back into the cage to defend his title against the unstoppable Otis Brumfield.
After an intense battle, Luis remains the TFC 155 lb. Champion after defeating Brumfield by submission.

The co-main event was a catchweight title fight between David Garcia (135 lb. champion) and Oscar Askar (125 lb. champion). Both fighters agreed to fight at 130 lbs.

Although both fighters seemed prepared to fight an all-out war for both TFC titles…this fight ended in under 2 minutes.

After a quick exchange in round 1, Askar dropped to the mat and Garcia rushed to follow up. Shortly thereafter, the referee stopped the fight due to strikes.

Garcia won both titles after defeating Askar in 1:30 of round 1. Garcia is now the 125 lb. and the 135 lb. TFC Champion.

In the women’s division, Katrina Yates fought against Olivia Curry in a muay thai match. At the ring of the bell, Curry immediately demonstrated her skills by connecting with numerous strikes and well-placed kicks. Yates never gave up and dished out her own plan of attack but in the end, it wasn’t enough to win the match. Curry’s experience helped her control the pace of this 3 round fight and earn the victory.

TFC Pro/Am Event

Promoter Joe Goytia has confirmed that he will be celebrating his 20 year anniversary at the next Total Fight Challenge event which will be a Pro/Am and will take place on July 11th at the Willowbrook Ballroom.

Miguel Luis Going Pro
The 155 lb. TFC Champion Miguel Luis of the Chicago Fight Team will be making his pro debut on this card. His opponent is yet to be named.

Rematch: Garcia vs. Askar
Due to the outcome of their first fight, a rematch has already been agreed upon. David Garcia will defend his titles against the former champion Oscar Askar to finally settle the score.

For updates and ticket information call: 708-839-1000 or visit

The following are the fight results from the April 11th event:

1. Aliki Hui (Team Mota) vs. Ahmad Fallahi (Evanston Boxing)
Winner: Ahmad Fallahi wins by unanimous decision.

2. Zac Klonowski (Team Genesis) vs. Tyler Lorek (UFC Gym)
Winner: Tyler Lorek wins by split decision.

3. William Wilson (Team ASD) vs. Thomas Louzon (Goytia’s M.A.)
Winner: William Wilson wins in 0:44 secs of round 1. Ref stops the fight due to strikes.

4. Katrina Yates (Warrior Dojo) vs. Olivia Curry (Evanston Boxing)
Winner: Curry wins by unanimous decision.

5. Josh Rose (Glenn Hudson Boxing) vs. Max Perez (Team No Comment)
Winner: Josh Rose wins by submission in 2:24 of round 3 via an arm bar.

6. Luke Cherep (Carlson-Gracie) vs. Gabriel Navarro (Elite Performance)
Winner: Cherep wins in 2:39 of round 1. Ref stops the fight due to strikes.

7. Stonewall McCuiston (Team Genesis) vs. Mario Lozano (Team DDC)
Winner: Lozano wins by TKO in 1:58 of round 1.

8. Jeff Beck (Team No Comment) vs. Steve Jennings (Evanston Boxing)
Winner: Jennings wins by TKO in 1:46 of round 2.

9. Allan Humphries vs. Brian Lukasik
Winner: Lukasik wins in 2:42 of round 1 by submission via a rear naked choke.

10. Nico Jefferson vs. Lamont Doyle
Winner: Jefferson wins by unanimous decision.

11. Nick Sharp (Team Vitari/Mota) vs. Sinatra Pool (Top Notch)
Winner: Pool wins in 1:37 of round 1. Ref stopped the fight due to strikes.

12. Ralph Howard (Precision) vs. Dave Ksiazek (Goytias M.A.)
Winner: Ksiazek wins by Knockout in 2:59 of round 3.

Title Fight-  for 125 lb. and 135 lb.
13. David Garcia (Top Notch) vs. Oscar Askar (Elite Performance)
Winner: Garcia wins in 1:30 of round 1. Ref stops the fight due to strikes.
Garcia becomes the new TFC Champion.

Title Fight- 155 lb.
14. Otis Brumfield (Combat Zone) vs. Miguel Luis (Chicago Fight Team)
Winner: Luis wins by submission and remains the TFC Champion.

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