Mixed Martial Arts — 15 February 2012
Rick Dimitrov Submits Benito Sandoval In Round 1

At Power Fights 26, Champion Jiu Jitsu’s Rick Dimitrov fought against Benito Sandoval, a fighter with Full Mount MMA.

In this quick fight, Sandoval started by aggressively throwing numerous strikes and backing Dimitrov onto the cage. Dimitrov said that he couldn’t connect any strikes because Sandoval was doing a good job at keeping his distance.

As Dimitrov continued to fight back, Sandoval was able to get the take down and unleash some ground-and-pound.

Picture By: Carlos Acevedo

Picture By: Carlos Acevedo

Dimitrov said, “He did take me down but I didn’t mind going to the ground. I didn’t even try to defend the take down. I let it go to the ground.”

As it often happens in MMA, things can change in an instant, Dimitrov took the advantage in the fight and caught Sandoval in a leg lock and within seconds, Sandoval tapped out. Dimitrov defeated Sandoval by Submission in 1:40 of Round 1.

Picture By: Carlos Acevedo

Picture By: Carlos Acevedo

“I went from half-guard into a leg lock, I missed the leg lock but ended up in 50/50, which is a leg lock position. He then ended up on top, I grabbed him and extended my legs which pushed his knee out sideways. I heard his knee pop and I then got on top and extended it some more and that is when he tapped,” said Dimitrov.

Defeating Sandoval under two minutes definitely put a cherry on top of his victory as Dimitrov said that before the fight started, Sandoval told him “You’re going to get your world rocked”.

Picture By: Carlos Acevedo

Picture By: Carlos Acevedo


“He seemed like a nice guy but when we got into the cage, I though he was going to say something nice but then he said ‘You’re going to get your world rocked’. Throughout the fight,  I missed a few arm bar opportunities and he did slam me a few times, I missed a few heel hooks but I ended up getting him in the end,” said Dimitrov.


Dimintrov ended the interview by saying, “Jiu Jitsu number one”!

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